Leveraging SOA for Distributed Test and Evaluation: ‘‘To SOA or Not to SOA, That Is the Question’’

August 2008

Can Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) support distributed Test and Evaluation (T&E)? When will SOAs be suitable to support distributed testing data management requirements?  What are the benefits of modernizing instrumentation to use an SOA for testing?  Can SOAs improve reliability and composability of distributed T&E capabilities?  These are just some of the questions that are being addressed in an ongoing Office of the Secretary of Defense distributed test infrastructure assessment that includes a study called ‘‘Applicability of Service- Oriented Architecture (SOA) to Distributed Testing Infrastructure.’’

This article will give an overview of this quantitative/qualitative study and the Community of Interest being formed to support the study.  In addition, the article will describe how the Netcentric Systems Test (NST) reference architecture developed under the T&E/Science & Technology NST focus area sponsored by the Test Resource Management Center is being used as a collaboration point to determine which T&E mission processes to consider in developing a use case for the study.

To view the white paper click this link (article is in pdf format).