GBL Chosen By The Wireless Registry to Become Early Wireless Name Registrar

September 2014

GBL Systems Corporation recently signed an agreement with The Wireless Registry to become one of the first wireless name registrars in the world.


As a registrar, GBL will support the world’s first registration system for wireless protocols, from Wi-Fi names to Bluetooth MAC addresses, and even upcoming LTE Direct Expressions.

This technology will replace the current GPS-systems that retailers use to locate and track consumers via mobile phones, and offers advanced wireless privacy by offering a unique wireless name and uniform proximal experiences across devices. This new open platform is expected to eclipse domain name registration in both volume and significance within the next decade.

The Wireless Registry Inc. is the first global registry for wireless names and identifiers, enabling thousands of new proximal services and giving individuals and businesses the power to engage with their surroundings in ways never before possible. The Wireless Registry has built patent infrastructure and a free and open proximal API capable of associating links and meaning to detectable wireless names and allowing individuals to take control of their wireless identity. For more information, please visit