Distributed Stealthnet: Creating LVC Environment For Simulating Cyber-Attacks For Test And Evaluation

March 2015

D-SN has been developed for use in a distributed test infrastructure environment where live systems are located across the test community at different labs and connected via a high-speed backbone network.  The Joint Mission Test Capability (JMETC) is an example of a classified, high speed, wide area network linking many of the DOD Test Ranges and key developmental facilities.  It is at these Test Ranges where the military hardware (some under development, some currently deployed) resides.  Through the utilization of the Test and Enabling Architecture (TENA) middleware, the military hardware elements can be logically linked exchanging tactical information (as they would, existing in the SoS field support mission) forming a distributed test environment (see figure 1).  D-SN is thus a key capability for representing the mission network and introducing the effects of cyber-attack on the mission networks and systems into this distributed testing environment.  This paper describes the key technologies developed to support D-SN.

To view the white paper click this link (article is in pdf format).