GBL Identified as Pioneer of the Proximal Web

January 2016

CES2016In a recent article published by the Pacific Coast Business Times, Dave Newton (Venture Capitalist, Technologist and Contributing Editor) describes how the Internet of Things (IoT) will advance users beyond logging onto a traditional “www” URL to access content. Though he warns that having WiFi or Bluetooth simply pressed into traditional products and services are perhaps not the sustainable future of IoT. Dave Newton goes on to describe a vision where IoT will allow users to live in a free-flow organic environment of seamless interactions between people, products, and locations.

Moreover, GBL Systems Corporation was named by Dave Newton as an emerging proximal web pioneer, providing rich location-based experiences through it’s proximal content management system called FutureOrb. This secure content can be created, delivered and ranked over signals such as LiFi, WiFi, Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth, GPS and Beacons. This enables shops, restaurants, malls, buses, office buildings, city streets, or nearly anywhere to become a content rich locations. “No more URLs, no more hundreds of apps on your device. Just seamless, real-time prompts, instantly viewed, easily shared and with 100 percent privacy and security.”, stated Dave Newton.

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