GBL Awarded Navy SBIR Phase III for F-35 Reprogramming Center – West (RC-West)

January 2017

GBL was recently awarded a four year approximately $30M Phase III SBIR contract, for RC West to utilize SBIR advanced decision aids and intelligent agent-based technologies to reduce risk and improve user interactions with MDF development, test, and evaluation tools at the Joint Reprogramming Enterprise (JRE) facilities. In addition, this effort includes Contract Support Services (CSS) across all facets of the Navy RC West program.

The continued development of this SBIR’s advanced Electronic Support and Electronic Attack ECDSS technologies will significantly aid in the development of F-35 MDF tools and associated test capabilities.  This includes adapting the SBIR’s capabilities in the definition of functional and operational requirements.  These requirements will outline the development of tools and a decision support framework that supports the integration of new and existing/proprietary Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) utilities.  The results of this effort will provide improved F-35 MDF development, test, and evaluation.

This effort will leverage the GBL’s EW visualization capabilities, decision support technology, and intelligent agent framework middleware technology to significantly improve the development and reduce risk in the following areas:

  • MDF generation for various platforms, including Foreign Military Sales (FMS) activities.  The initial focus of this Phase III effort will be for the F-35 Reprogramming Center – West (RC-West) and, as such, will reduce risk through focused research and development associated with F-35 MDF development, test, and evaluation.
  • The RC-West risk reduction effort includes the exploration of current tools and capabilities with the intent of defining alternatives and improvements to existing tools that fit the constraints of FMS customer’s and the desire to ‘release’ the tools for their future use.
  • The RC-West system MDF tools are planned to include easily understood visualizations of critical MDF development processes and an intelligent-agent ‘middle-ware’ framework that supports the integration of proprietary OEM and U.S. Government owned applications.  This capability reduces time and effort required to develop, test, and evaluate MDFs.
  • Advanced EW test tools with visualization technology and middleware/intelligent agent technology to integrate EW test tools as a distributed test environment.  This technology will support simulations operations of interactive testing across multiple laboratory environments.