GBL Wins ONR Grant to Develop Proximal Experiences at the Orlando Science Center (OSC)

May 2018

Leveraging its existing Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), GBL proposed to implement a learning environment that aligns with the Navy’s Sailor 2025 RRL training program concepts at the Orlando Science Center (OSC) in Orlando, FL.

More specifically, this project will afford GBL the opportunity via Office of Naval Research (ONR) grant to work with NAWCTSD, the OSC, and TEQ Games to develop the proposed Proximal Web™ technology-based FutureOrb for STEM Learning (FO-SL) product; which will provide a new interactive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning experience in the OSC’s STEM Discovery Center. As depicted, the FO-SL project will provide a replicable framework for adding self-guided STEM learning enhancements to museums and other related environments.  

The STEM Discovery Center itself consists of two major exhibit halls: a Maker Space called “The Idea Factory“ and the “FLEX-ACE Ready, Set, Fly! Flight Simulation Lab”; along with eight associated laboratories. The OSC in its entirety contains six other major science exhibition halls, two theaters, and an observatory. 

The FO-SL project will also enhance and complement the ONR’s FLEX-ACE Ready, Set, Fly! Naval aviation and Marine Corps centered Air-Ground Simulation Exhibit using the Mission-based STEM Proximal Learning experience and will enhance The Idea Factory exhibit with a STEM focused proximal Learning experience. The FO-SL project objectives are:

  • Implement and evaluate the FO-SL system in a museum environment to determine its replicability across the science center industry and in Naval training applications
  • Improve the pipeline of STEM qualified personnel into the future Naval STEM workforce, and/or other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations
  • Maintain the educational pipeline and educate future scientists and engineers in STEM disciplines