Avionics Development

With over 20 years of experience in avionics development, GBL is an industry leader in the design, development, integration and testing of electronic systems that are used in aircraft, satellites and spacecraft. Among GBL’s many specialties are:

  • Real-time operating systems for complex avionics platforms
  • Embedded operational flight software
  • Customized middleware for porting applications across different computer architectures

GBL optimizes existing operating systems by performing throughput analysis, identifying bottlenecks and implementing improvements. Additional avionics systems engineering experience includes:

  • Agent-based Electronic Warfare (EW) combat decision aids
  • Dynamic flight path re-planning
  • Control of Agent-Based Systems (CoABS) integration

More specifically, GBL offers Avionics related services in the following areas:

Avionics Services
  • EW, Avionics, and Navigation System Integration and Testing for EA-6B, F-18, and F-35 Platforms
  • Defined System Architectures, Software Code, and Algorithms in Support of Weapons Systems Integration for EA-6B, F-14, F-18, and F-35 Platforms
  • Developed Embedded Operational Flight Software for Various US DoD Platforms
  • Customized Middleware for Porting Applications Across Computer Architectures including Portable Devices
Manned Platform Services
  • F-35 Reprogramming Center – West, Life Cycle Support
  • EA-6B and F-14 Navigation Performance Software Design and Development Including Qualification Test Services
  • F-14 Weapons Systems and Software Engineering Life Cycle Support
  • EA-6B Systems and Software Engineering Life Cycle Support
  • EA-18G Systems and Software Engineering for Advanced Research on Decision Support Systems
Unmanned Platform Services
  • UCLASS – Cyber and Interoperability T&E Support
  • Common Control Station Program Systems Engineering and T&E Support
  • Airborne Targets – Defined and Developed Tri-service Target Control System Standard Interface and Developed Software in Support of DT&E
  • Developed hardware standards for EW Payloads on the ICE FNC
  • Developed EW UUVs Utilizing Phase III SBIR Technologies