Modeling & Simulation

Specializing in tactical and electronic combat environments, GBL develops real-time visual simulators, emulators, and prototypes. These models are used to evaluate system data and influence the requirements and training for military systems.

GBL has extensive experience developing automated regression testing systems using real-time simulations, enabling systems integration issues to be quickly identified, evaluated, and resolved. GBL also engineers real-time simulators and emulators that are capable of interfacing with avionics operational flight software.

More specifically, GBL offers M&S related services in the following areas:

Interoperability Test and Evaluation Capability

  • MRTFB Integration of Tactical Assets within Relevant Environment Simulation
  • Defined Network System Architectures to Support Real-time Test and Evaluation
  • Developed Middleware to Accommodate Various US DoD Tactical Platforms / Assets
  • Qualification Test of Architectures Performance Metrics
  • Network Centric Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Test and Training Environment

5thGeneration Aircraft Mission Data File Development, Test, and Evaluation Environment

  • F-35 Reprogramming Center – West (RC-West) Architecture Design and Development to Support Emitter Identification, Location, and Countermeasures Deployment  Mission Data Files Development
  • Working within Special Access Security Constraints to Design and Develop System Hardware and Software Solutions that Enable Multiple Users to Develop Emitter ID and Correlated Countermeasures Response Mission Data Files for Multiple Simultaneous Customers
  • Define 5th Generation Aircraft Mission Performance Visualization Tools to Enable Defensive EW Assessment