Proximal Web Framework

The Proximal Web® framework allows users to create, manage, and deliver custom created content, mapped to a physical location via wireless signal. Further, the Proximal Web aims to address Sailor 2025 Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) initiatives by providing the development of mission based proximal training scenarios for the Navy.


Base Operations

  • Human Resource Engagements
  • Location-Based Asset Management
  • Real-Time Building Security & Logistics
  • Self-Guided Base Tours and During Public Events

Training & STEM
High Velocity Learning

  • Supports Sailor 2025 Training Initiatives
  • Advances Warfighter Performance
  • Provides Virtual Manuals for Battlespace Equipment
  • Reduces Costs for Training and Education

Tactical Operations
Improved Command, Control

  • Supports Proximal Communications
  • Rapid Decision Support Tool for C2
  • Low-Cost, Scalable Technology
  • Capable of Operating in Various Environments

FutureOrb Technology Application

The Proximal Web FutureOrb® technology application provides a virtual abstraction layer around various wireless signals, simplifying the communication of connected devices using a standard API. FutureOrb also supports the world’s first registration system for wireless protocols and is focused on advancing current beacon and GPS data delivery technologies; while offering the the flexibility of custom configuration solutions to support our DoD and Navy partnerships. To learn more about FutureOrb, click here.