B2B/B2G E-Commerce Service

In a Social Commerce Marketplace (SCM), sellers are seamlessly connected with purchase-centric groups, through a platform that delivers lower price economies of scale to Buyers. An SCM also allows Sellers access a direct national sales channel to access groups of Buyers purchasing in bulk.

Our newest SCM-based B2B/B2G e-commerce service leverages this platform to enable new forms of marketplace capabilities across the Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) sectors.  In order to accomplish this, we developed a robust commodities purchasing/supply capability, that provides the means to purchase products/services using economy of scale aggregated across interdepartmental needs to reach tiered discounts. This allows DoD agencies to aggregate individual purchase requests from a larger contract, saving an cross-departmental purchasing agents time and resources. Further, the formation of Dynamic Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) lowers the probability of high costs due to outside vendors having to reengineer legacy parts. The quad chart below depicts how GBLs e-commerce service would work within a DoD GPO scenario.