In 2009 GBL Systems Corporation expanded their Research & Development (R&D) efforts to include patent pending products, focused around addressing new initiatives set in place by the Chief of Naval Research (CNR) for Office of Naval Research (ONR). This included the creation of two disctinct DoD centric services; which includes a B2B/B2G e-commerce engine, as well as a realtime proximity-based data delivery technology.

Proximal Web™ Services

GBL Systems predicts an explosion of proximal content over the next few years, similar to the exponential growth of content seen on the World Wide Web.  Our Proximal Web is a technology solution that leverages heterogeneous wireless signals, to associate managed content to physical location.

For example, using the Proximal Web for the Navy will allow the rapid publication of proximal content across the globe, which soldiers can engage with using both Android and iOS mobile devices.  This affords the Navy a new level of direct proximity-based interactions for training scenarios, standard base operations, and C2 combat support.

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B2B/B2G E-Commerce Services

The GBL B2B/B2G e-commerce services provides a Social Marketplace for the DoD/Navy, that supports robust commodities purchasing/supply aggregation capabilities. This allows for a secure communication mechanism, linking DoD Purchasing Agents via their existing business networks and specific requirements.

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