In 2009, GBL Systems Corporation expanded Research & Development (R&D) efforts to include commercial applications, beginning with the filing of a patent for a revolutionary social commerce engine for both B2C and B2B, as well as a system for next generation proximal social interactions.

This R&D has led to the creation of both commercial and DoD centric applications, focused on the convergence of groundbreaking technology, social trends, and online marketplace innovations.  GBL’s updated suite of technologies now include:


FO_iPhone_Small-croppedGBL Systems predicts an explosion of proximal content over the next few years, similar to the exponential growth of content seen on the World Wide Web.  FutureOrb is a technology solution that leverages the Proximal Web, which is defined as the growing collective of beacons and their associated content, enabling businesses to create proximal user experiences.

For example, using FutureOrb business owners can rapidly publish media rich proximal content across an entire enterprise, which consumers can browse and engage with using smart phones within range of specific wireless signals.  This enables a whole new level of direct business to consumer interaction without requiring individual applications to be installed.

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WolfPack™ is a Social Marketplace that helps Buyers aggregate their purchasing power to receive greater discounts.  In other words, it’s quantity buying on a global scale. When Buyers join a Deal helping it meet its minimum quantity, everybody wins!  Buyers may also apply to be Sellers within WolfPack.  This will allow these members to reach interested Buyers looking to purchase goods or services, either in bulk or in low quantity built to spec.

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