Engineering Services

Since 1990, GBL Systems Corporation (GBL) has been a leading provider of systems engineering and software development solutions to the U.S. Armed Forces. GBL’s wide range of technical services include:

Avionics Development

With 20 years of experience in avionics development, GBL is an industry leader in the design, development, integration and testing of electronic systems that are used in aircraft, satellites and spacecraft.

C4I Testing and Evaluation

GBL offers full system and subsystem integration testing conducted in development laboratories and simulated operational environments.

Electronic Warfare

This Phase III SBIR BOA allows delivery orders to be quickly put in place related to GBL’s SBIR Electronic Combat Decision Support System (ECDSS) technologies. The technology includes advanced decision aids, collaborative/ cognitive EW capabilities, and distributed intelligent agent frameworks.

Information Technology Support

GBL provides an array of Information Technology (IT) consulting, development, and testing services to government defense agencies and other defense contractors.

Modeling and Simulation

Specializing in tactical and electronic combat environments, GBL develops real-time visual simulators, emulators, and prototypes. These models are used to evaluate system data and influence the requirements and training for military systems.

Systems/Software Engineering

GBL is highly experienced in the design of real-time systems. GBL’s systems/software engineering processes adapt to each customer’s individual management process, ensuring the best results at each stage of development.